Jim Scott “Engineering Success” — Got MUSIC SMARTS?

March 8, 2009

Ace recording engineer/mixer Jim Scott may be one of the best examples of a disappearing breed.  He started his career in the analog days as a gofer at Record Plant LA and worked his way up through the traditional tiers from janitor to assistant engineer, and eventually “super-assistant.”  His first gig as a fledgling solo engineer was for Sting’s solo debut, The Dream of the Blue Turtles, an album which earned him a Grammy nomination for Best Engineered album.  Not a bad start.

Jim Scott is pictured in his new Plyrz Studios.  Click to enlarge.

Jim Scott is pictured in his new Plyrz Studios. Click to enlarge.

When Scott’s home base at Cello Studios (formerly a division of Ocean Way) closed down in 2005, he took a radical turn in his career and built his own studio in a brand new warehouse building on the outskirts of LA.  For a PDF of the story which appeared in Mix magazine, click here:  902mix38_jimscott_dp6.

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