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December 31, 2022

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Mr. Bonzai’s “FACES of MUSIC: 25 Years of Lunching with Legends,” long out of print, is now available in a new hi-res digital edition. This insightful and inspiring anthology features over 400 photographs, many never-before published, and 160 interviews with popular music artists, songwriters, producers, and recording engineers. The original coffee table hardback edition published in 2006 has been converted to a striking digital edition and is now available at the Apple Book Store: and at Amazon for the Kindle:

johnlennonstoothJohn Lennon’s Tooth: How I Met The Beatles In September of 1967, I walked up to John Lennon’s home south of London. John was asleep, but his housekeeper, Dorothy, let me wait in his garage until he awoke. John came out and invited me in. We spoke about meditation, movies, and music and he invited me to drive into London in his Rolls-Royce, where I witnessed my very first recording session. It was “I Am The Walrus.”   Apple Book Store:
Amazon Kindle:

Studio_Life_coverStudio Life: The Other Side of the Tracks Join the crew at Ryan Recording – Mr. Bonzai, Cart, Layla and Smilin’ Deaf Eddie – as they struggle for respectability and profits in the music industry. It’s a satiric and whimsical journey through the hidden world of recording, filled with colorful characters and bizarre sessions. Illustrated. Apple Book Store:
Amazon Kindle:

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