April 26, 2009

Last Friday, we visited “Weird Al” Yankovic in the studio.  Al’s most recent parody is “Whatever You Like,” which can be downloaded from various music services by going to the offiical Yankovic website. Just click on his site to the right in my “Friends” category.  This tune is from Al’s forthcoming album, and he is currently recording 4 new tracks, which he will make available as Singles this summer.

The reason for this visit was to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of my first meeting with Al, when he was recording “Dare To Be Stupid.”  This time around, I brought my new film company, Bonzfire Films, to the studio for a multi-camera interview, plus a rapid-fire session for supplemental still photos. In one brief minute, Al did 30 A-to-Z portraits: the Many Faces of Al.   We are putting this together and will reveal the results in the not-too-distant future. Other projects soon to appear include an exclusive film interview with the members of Spinal Tap and their music producer CJ Vanston.  All I can say is that if you thought Derek, David and Nigel were grouchy in the past, they bring new meanings to the words: bad-tempered, testy, grumpy, crabby, peevish, cantankarous, irritable, petulant, snappish, and veddy ill-tempered.  But somehow, they are still lovable.  Especially David St. Hubbins, who reveals an attempt by his mother to make him a Castrati, because of his beautiful pre-adolescent choir boy voice.

Here is a photo of my Bonzfire partner, KamranV, and “Weird Al” during a  heated discussion on the set.  It seems that Al’s bagel didn’t arrive with the special goat cream cheese with capers and sun-dried kumquats, as stipulated in the contract rider.  Luckily, I have contacts with the Very Happy Goat Farms on Catalina Island, and they delivered the cheese to the Big Cheese by helicoptor.  042609_kv_weirdal1

By the way, KamranV has been nominated as a Governor of the Recording Academy, Los Angeles Chapter.  If you are a Grammy® voting member, I heartily encourage you to cast your vote for Kamran.  He’s an amazing music producer, filmmaker, new media expert and he would certainly bring some fresh new ideas to the organization.


Just Kiddin’
“Usually, when I forget the lyrics, I just pretend to mouth the words for a few seconds, then I tap the microphone a couple times and glare angrily at the sound engineer.”
—“Weird Al” Yankovic

Order the book here.

For some “Weird Al” from the vaults, visit my Berkleemusic Blog.


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