|| FACES of MUSIC is Now Available as an eBook ||

April 8, 2012 Photo of the Week

This insightful and inspiring anthology features over 400 photographs, many never-before published, and 160 interviews with popular music artists, songwriters, producers, and recording engineers including Jimmy Buffet, Ed Cherney, Leonard Cohen, Devo, Geoff Emerick, Peter Gabriel, Herbie Hancock, Eddie Kramer, k.d. lang, David Lynch, George Massenburg, George Martin, Robert Moog, Willie Nelson, Phil Ramone, Carlos [...]

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The Roman Holiday of Mr. Bonzai

February 18, 2012 Photo of the Week
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|| “Optimized Mastering for Multiple Formats” Featured at Winter NAMM H.O.T Zone ||

January 15, 2012 Photo of the Week

Mr. Bonzai Hosts Bernie Grundman, Gavin Lurssen, Stephen Marsh & Doug Sax
February Update: Feedback has been great, because the panelists were so great.  Many thanks, gents!

The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) has announced that the H.O.T. Zone will present “Mastering Engineers on Optimizing for Multiple Release Formats.”  Hosted by Mr. Bonzai, the panelists [...]

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|| “Fairy Tales Can Come True” ||

January 8, 2012 Photo of the Week

“Fairy Tales Can Come True” Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, ©1987;  Exhibition Excellence Award; All City Art Open, 1989; Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Art Park;  Judges: Merry Norris and Henry Hopkins.
Children’s Day, a national holiday in Japan, is also celebrated in Little Tokyo, downtown Los Angeles. I was asked by [...]

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Santa’s Secret Sled

November 24, 2011 Photo of the Week

“Santa Claus would have to travel at 40,000 miles a second to reach all of the children on Christmas Eve.”  — Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California

Santa’s Secret Sled ©1979
Oscar-winning animator Bruce Lyon and award-winning photographer/author David Goggin have written the next chapter in the myth of Santa Claus, the North Pole, [...]

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|| NAMM Video Interview with Mr. Bonzai ||

October 14, 2011 Photo of the Week
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Advertising Photos by Mr. Bonzai

October 13, 2011 Advertising a la Mr. B
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|| DEVO’s Mark Mothersbaugh: Beauty Secret ||

September 6, 2011 Photo of the Week

What is the Secret of Mark Mothersbaugh’s youthful good looks, in spite of being a popular and enduring musical figure since the birth of New Wave? In this exclusive short, Mark reveals the Secret and then improvises a romantic little dittie with his harpsicord.

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